13 July 2010


As in, "Home again, home again," for those of you who didn't have really bumpy driveways growing up.

That is to say, we are.  I'm planning never to attempt to temporarily pack up my whole life ever again.  The problem is, I forget half of it at both ends.  So when we left, I took a bunch of stuff I didn't end up remotely having time to do, and left behind things I could have really used (like warm clothes; it turns out, New England is still really cold after Indiana gets warm).  (Yes, since I grew up there, I should have known that.  Sue me.)

Then coming back, I left behind a ton of stuff I need.  Like my calendar/day planner, which I spent two months hunting all over creation to buy at the beginning of the year, and which contains my entire life (practically).  Gone.  POOF!  Nowhere to be found.

I should be digging myself out of the rubble and restoring my house to some semblance of order, so today I spent hours on-line accomplishing absolutely nothing.  My children were not amused.  I'm pretty sure my husband is a bit disgusted, as well.  It's just so much easier than trying to rein in the chaos.

On a positive note, having spent ten days with our friends in Germany (whose flat is approximately the same size as my house, and contains approximately one tenth the amount of stuff) I have come home newly determined to eliminate clutter from my home and my life.  So I posted three articles of furniture on Craig's List yesterday, and so far have sold one and have one pending pick-up.  We need the space and the money much more than the furniture, so I'm quite pleased about that.  Plus, it gave us room to install Monkey2's new kitchen playset, which I found at a yard sale by my parents and carted home strapped to the roof of my car.  What can I say?  It was simply too good a deal to pass up.  (I realize this means I may be a completely hopeless case.  I hope not.)

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