07 August 2010

Beauty-School Drop-Out

You might have noticed, in my last post, that Monkey2 has had a hair cut.  We decided at bedtime on Monday that haircuts were in order.  The shagginess was getting to me.  Monkey1 was the main offender, and he opted not to get a haircut, but I cut enough hair off the other three culprits to make me feel better.

Monkey2's hair turned quite a bit shorter than I intended:

But I think it's adorable, so that's ok.  My haircuts normally do turn out shorter than intended.  I've sort of learned to roll with it.  'Course, that's easier for the guys:

Pretty hard to go wrong there.  :-)  As for Monkey1?  He told me last week he wanted his hair really short, to be sure no one mistook him for a girl.  I told him that anyone who wasn't smart enough to figure out he's a boy, regardless of hair length, isn't someone whose opinion he needs to be super concerned about, anyway, and he should do what he wants with his hair.  Plenty of guys have long hair.  In fact (I told him) I had seen a guy in church just the day before, with hair longer than mine, and even from the back it was quite obvious he was a guy.

I guess I convinced him.  We'll see how it goes.

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  1. How cute!!! What a sweet heart he is.

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