06 August 2010

A few observations on dinner

1.  Tonight we had cod fillet with sweet corn, broccoli, and hollandaise sauce.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it (except Monkey3, who apparently doesn't like broccoli).

2.  I sprinkled the cod with chives and dill heads from what remains of my herb garden.  It smelled amazing baking, and tasted even better.  (That could be because I also spread butter over it, before putting on the herbs.  Butter makes everything taste better; I'm with Julia Child on this one.)

3.  I'm completely convinced that Hollandaise Sauce originated when some gourmand looked at his plate, swimming in butter after his vegetables were gone, and said "There has to be a way to get this to stick to the vegetables better.  Oh, I know!  Let's thicken it with egg yolks!"  Voila.

4.  God bless him (or her) whoever he (or she) was.

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