18 August 2010

Growing up

We had BIG excitement at the Kitchen Sink last week...my baby is growing up!

Oh, I just can't believe he's already losing his baby teeth!  I mean, goodness, I remember when he GOT those baby teeth, and it was such a big deal...and now they're already starting to fall out.    

It had been loose for about two days, when he came to me at bedtime and said "Look, Mama, my tooth is sideways!"  And sure enough, it was.  I didn't want him to swallow it in his sleep, so I prescribed a popsicle, (because he was worried about it bleeding; didn't want to taste the blood), and then The Mad Scientist yanked it out.  One little "pop!", and there it was:

One baby tooth.  Or "Baby Tooth Number One".

He put it in a sippy cup (we were unprepared parents, with no Tooth Fairy pillow to tuck it inside), and went to sleep...and the Tooth Fairy snuck into his room, and switched his tooth out for a dollar.

The Mad Scientist was appalled (and, I think, rather jealous).  "I only got a DIME for a tooth!" he announced.  "Yes," I told him, "my mother said the same thing to my dad when I was little.  And he pointed out that, when she was little, a dime would buy a candy bar at the corner store.  Now, that costs about a dollar."

Monkey1 was totally thrilled to discover his dollar, but he wasn't buying the Tooth Fairy story at all.  He wanted his tooth back, to look at, so I finally got it for him.  We don't do Santa, and I look terrible in a tutu, so I didn't have a whole lot invested in the Tooth Fairy.

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