05 August 2010

Life goes on

So, how's the weather where you are, these days?  Most people I'm hearing from are saying the same thing I'm going to say, which is "Did I die and find out I've been following the wrong religion all this time?"

Yeah, it's hot.  Hot enough that I got all this at the grocery store today:

and felt that I had exercised a great deal of self-restraint.  Especially since there's still some of it left in the freezer as I type.

We had fruit bars (from Aldi's, all fruit, very good) in the backyard, because (as I explained to the Monkeys) popsicles are an OUTside food.

They were good with that.

Then, The Mad Scientist decided to mow the lawn.  I need to preface this picture with an explanation...if I could only come up with one.

First, let me say that the boy uses the potty without fail...as long as his nether regions remain uncovered.  So there's been a lot of nakedness at our house, recently.  (Have you ever heard the phrase "Naked as a jay bird"?  Monkey3 has taken to saying, with great indignation, "I not day biwd!")

Also, he's a monkey.  And he likes noisy machines.  And he loves his Daddy.  And there you go.

I am so totally saving that picture to put somewhere prominent on his wedding day.

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