16 August 2010

One of my favourite sounds in the world

I'm up very late.  Very, very late.  Because on Friday, a wonderful friend who happened to be heading out to a local orchard, picked a big box for me, too.  Yesterday, dinner was late, because I was stirring two batches of jam on the stove, simultaneously.  I made it up, though, because we had peach pie for dessert.

Tonight I was smarter.  I put both batches in the same pot, so I didn't need to be quite so ambidextrous.  Which was good, because I'm exhausted.  But hearing those little pings as the jar lids seal while they cool?

Makes it all so worthwhile.  We'll be enjoying this all winter.  Here are the rest of the fruits of my labours:

Nothing beats homemade, for sure.

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