12 August 2010

Overheard at dinner

Today I bring you the following conversation, which could have been overheard at our dinner table just the other night:

Monkey1:  The next time you go to Goodwill, will you buy me a stick on mustache?
(The Mad Scientist looks at him quizzically.)  (Note that he knows my favourite shopping hang-out.)
Me:  Sure.
(TMS looks at me in disbelief.)
Me:  Incidentally, why do you want a stick on mustache?
M1:  (As though it's the most obvious thing in the world which, perhaps, it is) To stick under my nose.
TMS:  I was wondering if that was a trick question...
Me:  (Giving TMS my best indignant glare) "Let me re-phrase: Why do you want to go about with a mustache stuck under your nose?"
M1:  (As though what he is about to say is, again, rather obvious, and completely normal) "So I can look like a dwarf with a mustache."

Oh.  Of course.

Do you have conversations like this at your dinner table?

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