29 October 2010

Out of practice

I am obviously out of practice with the blogging, and I'll tell you how I know.  A week or two ago, I was accomplishing something (which probably should have been the tip-off that something was wrong) when I suddenly thought "Wow, it's been really quiet for...kind of a while."  And then I decided not to worry about it for a few more minutes.

(All the experienced mothers just got dizzy and had to put their heads between their collective knees for a moment.  They know what's coming.  I should have, too.)  So, having finished whatever it was that I was getting done, I walked around the corner and discovered this:

This trail of muddy footprints led from the backdoor to the bathroom, which I had just cleaned the day before (making this inevitable):

And when I poked my head out the backdoor to confront the perpetrators, they cheerfully informed me "We're having a mudpie war!"  Apparently, they had been carting water out to the garden bed from the bathroom sink.  And here's where the "out of practice" comes in.  These are all "after" shots.  I didn't get any of the actual war, just the aftermath:

My floor got nice and clean though, because before I drained the tub I used the bathwater to mop up all the rest of the mud.  The water was still nice and hot, and I figured I'd send all the mud down the drain at once.  So despite not getting pictures for the blog, I still made the best of the situation.

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