20 November 2010

It's the weekend

I have just finished looking at the statistics for visitors to my web-site. I wish I was a little better with computers, but what I have been able to determine is that people do, in fact, actually look at (possibly even read) these posts that I fling out into the void every so often. I'm glad. I hate talking to a blank space, so the visitor tracker lets me know that I do, in fact, have some sort of audience. I'm not sure *why* you are all returning to read about my very uninteresting life and opinions, but I'm glad you're out there. It gives me a feeling of some small importance, that people care enough about what I type here to revisit on occasion.

However, I must say I was surprised (given that I do, in fact, have readers) not to receive more comments on yesterday's (Thursdays? I don't remember) post. Am I the only one who gets really aggravated, hearing about this stuff? Talk to me, people.

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