21 December 2010

Over the Rainbow

I know, I know...Saturday was AGES ago, blogging-wise.  But I've been hard at work getting Christmas in the mail to family, so now that I've taken care of that, I'm back to blog-land.  And speaking of somewhere strange (and sometimes wonderful):  Last Saturday we returned to the Children's Museum to see a play based on the third Wizard of Oz book.  It was only 40 minutes long, and quite nice for something that attempted to cram a rather involved story into such a short time frame.  Monkey2 started crying about 15 minutes into it, and had to be taken out, but the boys enjoyed the whole thing.

Everyone wanted to say hello to Tik-Tok at the end, and wouldn't you know, he was the only major character that didn't come out to greet the audience!  But, Monkey3 got a high five from the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman, so that was ok:

That's his hand in the corner; I was too slow with the camera.  Everyone got to ride the race car, since we didn't do that the last time we were there:

Monkey1 knows how it's done.  Monkey3 is along for the ride.

Monkey3 LOVES this car; it's definitely his style!

Monkey2 isn't so sure about this...
So, a good time was had by all.  And now, we're getting ready for Christmas!

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