10 December 2010

Spreading Christmas Cheer...and sprinkles...and frosting

Today we had a play date scheduled, but my friend ended up having to cancel. For compensation, I told the monkeys we'd build their gingerbread houses. They received these for St. Nicholas Day, and have been dying to put them together ever since.

This is a completely acurate picture of how Monkey3 spent the entire project...sticking candy in his mouth at every opportunity.  I kept saying "NO!  Leave it alone 'til we're finished and I can take a picture!"  This is his house at the end:

The roof was originally covered with mini-gumdrops.  He had started picking off the frosting by the time I finished the path across the front.  All in all, however, I think it turned out quite well:

We used the kit for the houses, plus a large bag of m&ms we had lying around.  Then I outlined the path, and we filled it in with a jar of sugar sprinkles.  Each person was responsible for their own house (but I handled the frosting, for the most part).  Monkey2 crammed her roof as full as she could - I finally had to make her stop when she started crying because the m&ms were falling off for lack of space:

Monkey1 also did a lovely job:

I decorated both mine, and one for The Mad Scientist.  I was pretty sure he wouldn't mind missing out on the mess fun.  Monkey1 said I MUST show you this:

because it is "unreal".  It's the word of the day.

Now I'm off to do laundry, while Monkey3 sleeps, and before I get high on the fumes from the coconut.  Wow, does that stuff pack a punch!

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