14 December 2010

'Tis the Season to be Jolly

I had a doctor's appointment this morning in Carmel.  When they called to verify I was coming, I asked the receptionist how far a drive it was, to gauge what time I would need to leave my house.  She told me she really didn't know.

A really intelligent, has-it-all-together type mother would probably have googled the driving directions last night before she went to bed, and then set her alarm to ensure enough time this morning to get out the door without yelling at her children and leaving her hair wet.

I am not that person.

At ten 'til nine this morning, I sat down to google the driving directions, and discovered that Carmel is on THE OTHER SIDE OF INDIANAPOLIS, which is an hour away.  This is the piece of information the receptionist might have provided, which would have helped me to be a more organized person.  (Not that I'm holding her responsible.  I don't need help to be disorganized and late everywhere I go.  Or I should say, my children are all the help - and excuse - that I need.)

I needed an hour and fifteen minutes to get there.  I left at 9:20 for a 10:30 appointment.  I pulled in at 10:28.

(whistles quietly) Moving along...

 Then, since we were going through Indianapolis to get home (a piece of information that might have helped me plan my day better...did I mention that already?) I decided we might as well stop at The Children's Museum for the afternoon.  So we hit Chick-Fil-A for lunch, drove through the Historic District, and went to play.  The museum is all decorated for Christmas:

I love Christmas decorations!  Monkey1 got to dress up like a Polar Bear, including:

Black Skin (for greatest warmth)

He also got claws, ears, and a tail.  My favourite part was the tail:

Monkey3 decided he looked fuzzy.  Monkey1's favourite part was the claws:

  I really can't take them anywhere.  

We visited the Winter Wonderland exhibit.  Monkey1 (who never EVER holds still for a picture, for me) asked a total stranger to take his picture in the ice castle.  She was photographing her daughter, and he leaned over and posed so nicely for her!  I couldn't believe it!  But she's going to send me a copy, so that's ok.  I'm glad I had my "mommy cards" on me.  It's much easier than searching for paper and pen to give someone your contact info.  (That's a tip.)

We tried the ice skating, and Monkey2 did a bit of ice fishing:

We tried out the Yule Slide on our way down to the Planetarium.

Monkey3 raced me down and beat me with great delight.  Then he was very upset that we didn't get to see Big Biwd and Ewmo, but was slightly mollified when I let him nurse through the program.  The planetarium was nearly empty, so no one was around to be offended.  We learned all about ancient solstice celebrations, Hannukah, Saturnalia, and how astronomers try to figure out what the Wise Men actually saw.  Also when some historians think that Jesus might actually have been born.  All in all, it was a fascinating program, but quite long.  I was pleasantly surprised when Monkey1 told me he had really enjoyed it.

After that, we drove home and stopped at our hometown Chick-Fil-A for milkshakes, to buy me time to make supper.  It was a very fun day, and I was thrilled to discover that we all enjoyed it, and I had basically no bad attitudes or issues to deal with the whole time.  Wish me many more like this!

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