13 December 2010

What I'm trying to say is...

I got a call from our internet provider today.  They used to call and ask for my father, because he's the one who actually pays for our internet.  Recently, for no apparent reason, they've been asking for my mother.  Last time, I said "That's my mother.  Can I help you?"  Which I realized later didn't translate into "She doesn't live here."

Today I was more specific.  I said "That's my mother.  She doesn't live here.  Can I help you?"  The person on the other end said "Do you make the decisions regarding internet?"  And I replied "No, my father pays for our internet, as a gift."

And I thought that would fix it.  I mean, I had just informed her that the person with the money not only wasn't available, but didn't even live in the same house.  Why would she want to talk to me?  But no, she continued "Oh, well, do you get your phone and cable through us too?"  And I said "No, we don't have cable, because we don't have a t.v."

Which really should have ended the conversation.  What more could a company that provides technological services possibly have to say to someone who doesn't actually own a television?  (We actually do have a t.v, but it's not digital, and we only use it to watch movies.  It doesn't even pick up the local stations, so I didn't feel like I was really lying.  As far as they're concerned, we don't have a t.v.)

But no, she continued with "Oh, well you really should look into it, because if we provide internet, phone, and cable, you can have all three for just $99/month, and it could save you a lot of money!"

To which I replied "But we don't have a television, so we really don't need cable."

Now, I have a few questions about this whole conversation.  Why does "I don't make the decisions" mean that I get the sales pitch anyway?  Would they give it to my six-year-old, if he answered and I wasn't available?  And why does "I don't have a t.v." result in "You should really think about adding cable!"

As it turns out, she may be right.  A woman at Knit Night tonight told me that they actually do get a package deal from this company for both internet and cable, because it's cheaper than just cable alone, despite the fact that they, also, do not have a television.  Maybe my dad can look into that - it could save some money.  :-)

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  1. LOL! I had this same conversation with my phone company. I had called them to get a change on the account, and once they'd done what I asked, they launched into the sales spiel. After trying to sell me cable (my husband deals with the cable, and doesn't want to change), mobile service (we get prepaid phones for $8/mo- they can't beat it), she asked about television cable. This was pre-digital, so I answered, "We don't have cable- we have one television channel and 5000 books- you do the math!"


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