14 January 2011

How's that for a hobby?

I found this ad on Craig's List today, and saved the pictures to show you:

"10 or so tractors for sale. We have some h's, m's, a 300, and a super m. Some run some don't. Email for appointment to see them!"

I just have to say, you know this guy's wife told him he HAD to get rid of at least SOME of the tractors.  Seriously, "ten OR SO"??  He doesn't know how many tractors he has.  How big is a tractor?

I don't want to hear anything else about my yarn-buying habits, ever.  At least yarn helps keep the house warm.

These may look really cool, but they're not going to keep your ears and feet warm, and help insulate your house.

This, my friends, is a hobby out of control.  My yarn?  Doesn't even compare.


  1. You're comparing tractors to yarn? Come on! And yarn keeps a house warm? What is the R-Value of yarn? Do you throw your yarn scraps in the attic?

    I saw that dude's ad on CL. I kind of thought he was the type of guy I could hang out with.

  2. Ummm, yes, I think yarn is more practical than tractorS! (Note the plural.) :-) I gaurantee the R-value of yarn is higher than the R-value of a tractor, and if I wanted to throw it in the attic I could. What do you do with ten PLUS tractors?

    But, if it makes you feel better, I put this up because it made me think of you. And if you get one of these, I'll be happy to come over and admire it!


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