12 January 2011

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What your government spends your money on.  (Go read it; it's not long.)  Confiscating chocolate eggs, and sending letters requesting permission to destroy them afterwards.  I wonder how many cars with drugs in them went through customs while they were searching for and seizing these eggs?  Probably not many, if any at all, to be honest.  But still, doesn't it seem like there's something wrong with this picture??

As a side note, I had no idea I had consumed contraband eggs as a child.  And, funnily enough, I never came remotely close to choking on the toy inside (which, as you can see from the picture, is encased in a plastic shell inside the chocolate).  I must have been some kind of genius child.

Don't our politicians and border control people have more important things they could spend their time and OUR money on?!

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