29 April 2011

Cold War, Monkey-style

At our house, we have an invisible contingent known (to the Monkeys) as "The Bad Babies".  Occasionally, they'll join this group, and I'll hear "I'm a Bad Baby!" or "Monkey2 is a Bad Baby!"  Followed, naturally, by a screech of protest from Monkey2.

Today, The Bad Babies were apparently fighting with a new group, known as The Good Babies.  Monkey1 had a solution:

"I know!  We'll just build bigger, and bigger, and BIGGER weapons!  And ALL the babies will be so scared of the BIG kids [that would be the Monkeys, I assume] that they'll stop fighting with each other!"

So what this mother would like to know is, WHY is this inherent in boys (because he certainly never learned that from US!) that this is a good solution to that type of problem??!  I need a copy of The Butter Battle Book from Dr. Seuss.


  1. That is the same reason that a little boy who has never seen a gun or a violent tv show, will pick up a stick and start shooting you with it. I will never know how it happens.
    I guess that is where the phrase "boys will be boys' comes from.

  2. I attribute it mostly to uncles. :)

  3. Oh, so YOU'RE the culprit. I might have known! :-)


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