22 May 2011

Homemaking Helps

I've never done a product review here, but I'm so excited about this new planner I just have to share.  I dithered about it for four (!) months, then finally decided to just give it a try - it's only $8, for pity's sake!  And that's the first exciting thing about this planner:  It is very affordable. 

You select which variety you want from the options here.  They have page-a-day varieties, and week-at-a-glance.  There are two size options, and you can decide if you want daily Bible reading included or not.  I chose the half-sized week-at-a-glance.  I downloaded the file and put it on The Mad Scientist's thumb drive, then took it to Office Depot.  I asked them to put on a spiral binding and a heavier-weight cover, and this is what I got:

 Quite uninspiring, I know, and maybe at some point I'll Modge-Podge something pretty on there, but for right now I am most concerned with what is INside:

 This, faithful blog readers, is my life, organized.  This is every task required for maintaining a well-run home, listed and scheduled.  I love it!  (And I know you can't see it very well, but you can look at a preview here.  Samples of the other styles are at the bottom of the first page linked.)

For years now I have wanted to take a comprehensive list of household chores, and a calendar, and schedule them all out month by month.  Motivated Moms did all the work for me.  It includes everything from changing dish- and hand-towels, to clipping children's nails (routinely forgotten here, 'til I notice someone appears to have claws), to wiping off the refrigerator shelves.  And it's divided into manageable chunks, which is great. 

That means that, rather than "Clean Refrigerator" (which I absolutely wouldn't need reminding for, if I could fit that in anywhere, all at once) it says "Clean top shelf of refrigerator."  Much easier. 

Another thing that I've found is, every time I think that something got left out, it turns up within the next week or two.  For example, when it listed each refrigerator shelf individually over the last two weeks I thought "Oh, it didn't say anything about the door shelves.  I'll have to remember to do those with the corresponding shelf next time."  And then I turned to this week, and there it was: "Clean refrigerator door shelves."  Drawers were listed separately as well.

The great advantage of this planner, I find, is that it breaks things down into manageable chunks.  I frequently neglect my cleaning because I'm so overwhelmed that I can't start, because I don't know which thing to do first.  This tell me what to do, and I can relax knowing that everything else will come up in its own time.  I don't stress if I don't manage to accomplish everything on a given day, either, because I know it will come back again soon enough.  (I also love that "Take time for a craft or hobby" and "Pamper yourself" put in regular appearances.)

I paid $8 for the download and $5.75 at Office Depot to have it printed and bound.  A great price for a fantastic resource!

(If daily or weekly cleaning really isn't your thing, check out this post at Simple Homeschool, all about Once a Month Cleaning.  If I'd read that before I found this, I would definitely have given it a try.)

Please note: I have not received any compensation of any sort for posting this review.  It is simply my honest opinion, and was not solicited by anyone. 

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