09 May 2011

One advantage of being a Luddite

A friend recently shared a video with me that carefully explains how to turn off the setting on your smart phone's camera that imbeds your GPS location into each and every photograph, and says that this is crucial so that bad guys won't know where to find you and which room your children sleep in.

Ok, so what I want to know is:
Why is that the default setting on the phone?

Who needs to know the exact location where their photos were taken...THAT specifically??

Is this really making it easier for "bad guys" to find us?  Really?  I mean, you don't have to work very hard at it anyway.  If it takes two minutes, rather than ten, to track down this information, are we really any less safe?

Want to know how I spent Mother's Day Weekend?  I spent it watching the kids by myself, because my husband was taking a workshop to learn how to drive a team of draft horses, for farming.

(Saturday night we visiting a breeding farm for Belgian horses, watched a stallion collection (THAT was interesting!), and saw two mares being bred.  We also watched an ultrasound of a 12-day-pregnant mare.  Yesterday morning I drew a beautiful illustration of an ovum surrounded by sperm, and explained where babies come from.  Happy Mother's Day to me!)  :-)

Yesterday afternoon, we went out to the farm and spent the afternoon watching The Mad Scientist drive a team of draft horses around, planting oats in the pasture, and I got a bad sunburn and had a marvelous time.  The monkeys helped milk the cows and feed the horses.  I didn't make, or receive, a single phone call.  It was great.  I also didn't take any pictures, which was maybe not so great, but if I had, I'd have used this ancient little Canon Elph I have, which (I guarantee) is NOT electronically embedding the exact location where the picture was taken onto each and every photograph.

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  1. It's true, stallion collection is really interesting. The main advantage being that more than one (sometimes more than ten!) mares could be bred from one collection depending on the concentration and volume of semen collected.


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