06 December 2011

Pay Attention - Be Outraged!

Every once in a while, I get a call from my oldest brother. More rarely I get a call from the younger one, who usually calls just to talk, which is nice.  My older brother does that too, sometimes, but often he starts off the conversation with "I have something else to get your blood pressure up!"  He knows just what subjects push my buttons, and when he hears about something ridiculous, he's always eager to share.

Most recently, it was a story from Hawaii about a family, newly moved to the state, who went grocery shopping to put something edible in their new home.  While at the store, they shared a sandwich, saving the wrapper to pay for it when they were done.  Only, they forgot.  They came back inside as soon as they realized their error, only to be told the store had a zero-tolerance policy toward shoplifting, and the manager would have to call the police.  Both parents were arrested and spent the night in jail, which meant their two-year-old was taken into custody by Social Services.  Over a sandwich they intended, and tried, to pay for.

You'd be amazed how many stories like this my brother comes up with.  Here's one I experienced personally:  Over the past year I have helped start a local non-profit organization.  Our focus is on natural, healthy pregnancy and birth, and issues pertaining to the early years of childhood.  One of those issues happens to be vaccinations.  Believe it or not, there are actually arguments both pro and con.  We offer classes and discussion groups on this topic for parents to educate themselves so they can make an informed decision.  Based purely on the fact that we offer this information, a local moms' group told us that we are not welcome to post any of our classes, at all, on their internet group, because they aren't comfortable recommending people come to our events, since our children aren't vaccinated.  I'd just like to point out that nowhere in any of this non-profit's literature does it say anything whatsoever about the vaccination status of the Board members' children.

So many topics!  There is outrageous information out there about homeschooling (look up the Johanssen family, in Sweden), parents' right to make health care choices for their child, people's right to access the food they feel is necessary for their health, parents being shoved out of schools and told that what goes on in the place where their child spends most of his waking hours is none of their business...the list goes on and on.  Which is great for me, because I tend to have low blood pressure, and I appreciate my brother looking out for me.  Today, however, I didn't need his help.  I found an outrageous story all by myself.  Check out this article at the Washington Post, about what happened when a School Board member took the standardized test for 10th graders.

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.  There's always something...

Take a break on occasion though.  I'm pretty certain too much of this would make your head explode.

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