07 January 2012

Haircuts for the New Year

While the rest of blogdom is treating us all to deeply insightful posts about new beginnings, etc., I have pictures of Monkeys needing haircuts.  Well, I have pictures of ONE Monkey who needs a haircut.  And a story about another one.

Monkey1 is the story:  He was shaggy.  Really shaggy.  And every time I asked, he insisted he liked it that way.  Finally the other night he suddenly, for no apparent reason (maybe the moon was full??) announced that a haircut would be a good idea.  And when The Mad Scientist heard that he said "Good!  Cut it now! Before he changes his mind."  So, I pulled out my scissors, trimmed the ends to a nice length, and proceeded to taper and layer until Monkey1 cried in a panic "Stop tapering!!  I'm going to be bald!!"  He wasn't anywhere near bald, which just goes to show how long his hair was to begin with.  It's still a good two or three inches long, at least.  But now it looks neat, so we're all happy.

Monkey3 is the picture:

Before:  Also very shaggy
 We were in Wal-Mart several weeks ago when I noticed a sign in the hairdresser's window, "Buzz Cuts, $10 - Shampoo, $1 extra"  Why one needs a shampoo if they've just been buzzed I really don't know, but Monkey3 was intrigued.  He's been asking for a buzz cut ever since.  So today I finally went out and bought a new pair of clippers (mine were quite dull, which explains why all the men in the house are so shaggy - no one wanted a cut because the clippers kept pulling, and it hurt.)  For the cost of 2.5 buzz cuts, I have taken care of our hair-styling needs for at least a year, hopefully more.  And the immediate result is this:
After:  Not Shaggy
The Mad Scientist told him he looked like a villain, and was immediately sorry, since this definitely captured Monkey3's imagination.  He's been going around all evening explaining "I wook wike a VIWAIN!" and if you ask him why he'll explain "Because my haiw is weawy sort, and I have a CAR acwoss my head!"

Thankfully he missed the part where The Mad Scientist described the really short hair as "a prison haircut."  The scar is a remnant of early trauma (to his parents; he doesn't remember it), and he looks quite ferocious.  I will say this for the cut, however:  When he's not making ferocious faces that scrunch his eyes up, those big brown eyes he got from his daddy are pretty hard to miss, now that they're not hidden by all that hair!