07 February 2012

You have HOW many children??

Apparently, the Mad Scientist and I have reached that point.  The point where people decide there is clearly something wrong with you, because no normal person would actually choose to have that many children.  I'm not certain why four is considered to be so outrageous (and I'm certain the comments will get worse if we have more), but it is more than 2.6, and maybe that is the problem.

The other day the Mad Scientist was talking with a friend who expressed some shock upon learning we are expecting again.  He paused, then said "Just make sure you don't do what my grandfather did.  He had 13!"  And the Mad Scientist responded (because he's like this) "Wow.  That's something to shoot for!"

Oh, how I love that man!  :-D  (He doesn't actually want 13 children.  It was his crazy wife who suggested a dozen.) 

A friend shared this video with me, which I provide as a succinct compilation of all the things mothers of more than 2.6 children have heard before, so you don't need to say.  It's a lot funnier when they're all blended into one conversation.  It helps you realize how ridiculous they sound, moreso than when they stand alone. 

Speaking of crazy things people say, I was in the grocery store Sunday night doing my weekly shopping, which this week happened to include cat litter.  The man behind me eyed my (really quite prominent) belly, eyed the cat litter, and then said "Be sure you keep those cats away from that baby!"  Thinking he was going to caution me about early allergy triggers, I replied with a perky "Oh, I know!" and smiled.  He finished his thought with " 'Cause they'll definitely kill him!"

Uh huh.  You know, I've heard of this old wives' tale that cats will "suck the breath" from a newborn.  I've never met anyone before that actually believed it.  Interesting.  Children solicit the oddest "advice".

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