04 July 2012

A slight misunderstanding

Yesterday was quite a day.  It started out with Benjamin refusing to get dressed, and went downhill from there.  Everything was a battle, and when he's mad (as at most other times, come to think of it) Benjamin is REALLY LOUD.  He pitched a fit about going to the veterinarian's office, so I wouldn't let him stay in the car with everyone else when we got there.  (I know better than to think that an angry Benjamin in a car full of siblings is anything less than a recipe for complete disaster.)  So he came in with me, and then pitched a fit because I wouldn't buy him a treat.  (I curse those candy machines that take quarters on a regular basis, and I can't be the only mother who feels this way.  Why do store managers think those things are a good idea??  Society sets parents up for failure, I'm convinced, but that's another post for another time.)

Where was I?  Oh yes, the vet's office.  So I hauled my furious son outside and told him to sit at the picnic table and wait for me.  (I was still not going to leave him in the car.  No way.)  He shouted at me all the way home. 

We had a few more blow-ups over the course of the afternoon, and then he was completely infuriated when I made him march out to the car so we could pick David up from work.  This was worth it to me, because it meant my reinforcements would be home a half-hour sooner than otherwise, but the upshot was that David walked out of his building to discover his wife giving his middle son a spanking in the van.  Apparently the window tinting didn't hide it, because he went directly to the driver side and climbed in there.  I was going to sit up front but, oddly enough, Benjamin insisted on my sitting next to him for the drive home.

We arrived home and he finally seemed to have gotten all the nasties out of his system.  We were talking in the kitchen a bit later when I squatted down to give him a hug.  He perched on my knee while I told him "Do you know I love you very much?"

He knew.  I asked "Do you want to know a secret?"  He did.  I whispered "I know that you love me, too."  He looked at me solemnly and replied "Mama, I think you and I might have a little misunderstanding."