23 January 2013

On a winter afternoon

Today I made my eight-year-old son laugh.  I made a joke up (this never happens), and he really thought it was funny!  Curious to know what a mother can say to make a not-so-small boy chuckle?

What does a Jawa say at the health food store?  Tahini!

(If you're wondering what on earth made me think of this, I was making hummus for lunch, while discussing Star Wars with Brynning.)  This being humorous to him reveals a fascination with Star Wars that I am finding is insatiable.  What is it with those movies?  (All true fans relax - I already told them Episodes 1-3 aren't really worth bothering about.)

My sink is overflowing.  David shook his head in amazement this past weekend when, 20 minutes after starting the third full dishwasher load, the counter and sink were covered with dirty dishes again.  The laundry is overflowing, too.  The house is overflowing.  The corners are dusty.  The diningroom floor is covered with food (none of it older than yesterday, but still).  And my little people are quiet and happy, listening to Narnia radio theatre.  In a few more months, I'll be able to take opportunities like this to knit.  Next winter.  I can't wait.  :-)

Meanwhile, I'm pondering prayer crickets.  I love this idea, of choosing a verse for each family member to pray for them in the coming year.  And with that, I really should get to the cleaning.  (But I had to pause to share my joke!)