01 February 2013

Oh, of course

Last week Brynning told me that he thinks I really should have 8 children, altogether.  After I caught my wind and stopped coughing, I asked for the reason behind his conclusion.  Obviously he wasn't thinking in terms of baseball, because a baseball team requires 9 players.  (Am I right?  Someone be proud of me if I am; otherwise, well, I never have been much of a baseball fan.)  Was he thinking football?  Basketball?  Soccer?  Maybe he was thinking of his cousins, and wanted to take up Lacrosse?  What sort of team was he trying to form with his siblings, that required a total of 8 players?

(Note my complete lack of knowledge regarding the actual numbers of players on any type of sport team.  My favourite sports are all solo endeavors, which says something about me, but there you go.)

No, no.  My oldest son proceeded to inform me that a Tortoise Formation, as used by the Roman infantry, requires at least 8 soldiers.  He felt it would be useful to have the requisite number of siblings, for the next time we decide to attack the barbarian hordes and conquer a piece of Europe

I need him to not see this picture.