20 March 2013

Spring Prunings

I cut all the boys' hair last week except Iain's.  Spring is on the way and, wow, they were really getting shaggy.  I have no idea when the last hair cut happened, but it has been Too Long.  Part of the reason I wait so long in between is that hair is just such a pain to clean up!  It gets everywhere (static!), sticks to everything, and you're still dealing with little bits of it for days.  We hates it.  But the boys came out looking well-pruned, and Brynning is quite pleased with the resurrection of his mohawk.  Benjamin opted for a buzz.  I was disciplined, though, and didn't take pictures this time because apparently I have felt a need in the past to document EVERY SINGLE HAIRCUT!  Apparently waiting so long between cuts means the end result is so shocking, I just feel a need for documentation.

Speaking of shocking changes, look at my picture in the side bar over there ----->  Notice the very long hair?  I love my hair long.  I think it looks classic, and feminine, and it's super super easy.  Additionally, it's inexpensive to take care of because I don't need to see a stylist.  When the split ends get bad, I just have David cut a few inches off the ends.  At one point he cut six inches off, and no one even noticed.  Yeah, I keep it pretty long.

Recently, however, I've been wanting to do something different.  I started with something relatively minor.  I went to an actual salon, and had an actual stylist cut it to shoulder length and layer it.  It was cute, and objectively speaking I could look in the mirror and see that, but I really didn't like it.  There's nothing easier than long, straight hair, it turns out, and having to actually style my hair when I wanted it to look nice was really a pain.  But I hadn't gotten over my "wanting something different" feeling.  So yesterday, I went to another salon, and (wait for it)...

 did this:

 No, it's not bangs.

 It's just really really short.  (Hi Mom!)

The last thing David said as I left was "Don't do anything too drastic."....

Well, I could have gone shorter.

Brynning pretended to pass out in a full faint when I walked in, and Audrey (when asked if she would like a similar cut) proceeded to very emphatically inform me that "Girls are supposed to have LONG hair!  And boys can have long hair or short hair, but really they're supposed to have SHORT hair!"  (Benjamin's reply:  "Well Qui Gon Jin has long hair, so there!"  Said with a pronounced upward tilt to his nose.)  When I asked who told her that she said "No one, I just figured it out for myself!"

So I'm getting mixed reviews, but I, personally, am pleased with how it turned out.  I've always wondered what I'd look like with really short hair.  Now I know.

Funny story:  The morning after cutting all the boys' hair, I opened the trash can and nearly shrieked out loud before realizing that the Very Large furry animal that had invaded my trash was actually the hair from the previous day's prunings.  Gave me quite a turn.


  1. I think it looks great! I firmly believe every woman should go that short at least once in their life- if nothing else than just for "something different". I went that short right after Meg was born, and then I just donated 13 inches a week before Juliet was born :-) -Elizabeth

  2. It doesn't look bad at all. Girls can have short hairs and actually look good with it. Look at Halle Berry. Then again, she's a celebrity. LOL.
    - PortableSinkDepot.com


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