05 May 2013

Thanks, but no thanks

Audrey asked for some help with spelling words after supper.  She was making signs for her bedroom door:
I love the heart.  It adds such a friendly touch to "dAngEr to Enemies", doesn't it?

Necessary signage completed, Benjamin (who apparently is either an honorary sister or simply a peon) then proceeded to stockpile weapons in her room.

Later while waiting for a clear spot at the bathroom sink for tooth brushing, Brynning asked me "Mama, how should I beat Audrey?"  Apparently, they're at war.  I offered my advice, gleaned from years of sibling interactions (and perhaps a few parenting books as well).  Doing my best to look wise I told him "I'm going to give you my very best advice, and it will sound boring and silly to you, but I promise if you try it, it will work.  The Bible says that we should love our enemies, and do good to those that persecute us.  So I think you should try really hard to find lots of ways to love Audrey and be nice to her."  Offering some inducement to actually follow this advice (because after all, I do know he's a medium-sized boy who really just wants to beat his sister at whatever this game is) I added "The Bible says that when we do nice things like that to our enemies, it's like heaping burning coal on their heads."  Smiling hopefully, I finished with "Doesn't that sound like fun?"

He shook his head at me for a moment.  "Good grief," he replied.  "I'm never making you a general in my army!"

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