16 August 2013

Feast of the Assumption

I am planning to spend today mostly knitting, because it is a sitting down-type activity, and frankly, I wore myself out yesterday.  Let's recap:

On Monday, Catholic Cuisine put up a recipe for Heavenly Assumption Parfaits, just in time to plan for the Feast of the Assumption (which was yesterday, August 15th).

We are not Catholic, but this struck me as such a fabulously creative dessert (and also seemed so simple and do-able!) that I decided we were going to have an Assumption celebration anyway just so I could make it.  So on Tuesday I invited some Catholic friends of ours to join us for a Feast-day celebration.

On Wednesday, I looked around my house and thought "Merciful Heaven, what on earth was I thinking!?"  My pantry contents had been disgorged into Audrey's room and the kitchen two weeks ago so that we could paint the pantry.  The recycling bins and cat's litter box were creating a traffic obstacle in the kitchen while the little kitchen cart from my grandmother took up a large portion of the floor space (nominally made up for by the fact that it provides additional workspace, but it's still hard to negotiate around it).  Beyond the disaster from the pantry, I also have an overflow of tomatoes from my garden, and my chiropractor called to let me know she'd be in town, and did I want to get adjusted?  So Thursday began to look a little crazy.

Thursday I spent painting shelves, shopping for and prepping food, visiting with my chiropractor (a welcome break in the midst of the insanity I had visited on myself), and making jell-o.  I decided to make my dessert in a trifle dish rather than individual cups, and to use real whipped cream because I like it better.  But it turns out that my trifle dish needs much more than two boxes of jell-o to be full.  So my Heavenly Assumption dessert ended up blue on the bottom and green on the top, since I had to finish off with the other jell-o on hand.  Brynning said it looked like the sky just before a tornado, and we decided it was within the realm of possibility (using one's imagination just a bit) that Mary was carried off to heaven on a tornado, like Dorothy heading for the Land of Oz.  So I got the fire built for grilling, all the food made, and we had a lovely time with our friends that was only interrupted briefly when Brynning was head-butted during a pick-up football game, and put his tooth through his lip.  (Iain having done the same thing the day before at the park, my book-end boys now have matching fat lips - adorable, of course.)

If you think it's weird that a Protestant family would choose to celebrate this particular Feast Day, well, you're right.  Normal isn't something we really do much of around here though, and I'm good with that.  But the main point I wanted to make (yes, I have a point) is this:  This morning as I was recuperating by sitting on the sofa, reading blogs, I came across this post on the biblical roots of the Feast of the Assumption, on the blog of the Archdiocese of Washington.  And it turns out that the Church celebrates the Assumption of Mary not only to honor her, and through her, Christ, but also to celebrate the fact that we can also look forward to a day when our souls and bodies will be reunited in Heaven.  Her Assumption is celebrated in anticipation of our own.  What a glorious anticipation we have in Christ!  What a wonderful thing to celebrate! (Maybe even with green jell-o.)

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